I am a hard worker.

By pravda23

Physically exhausted today, and operating on autopilot. This, after a 9am start, around 12 hours sleep, and an empty office. All these loops ringing between my ears:

"master reality"
"women are the devil and you will be lonely"
"get to work"
"you're lazy"
"be anxious about these meetings"
"you are a champion"
"you should never have left sharyn"
"you should have left sharyn earlier"
"you have no money"
"your teeth are falling apart"
"you must spend more time making music or you'll fail"
"you don't know how to make music"
"your housemates are the worst friends ever"
"run away"
"face your fears"

...etc. and so on, and so forth.

it's more irritating than anything else, and I'm a bit to tired to pay any attention to them. i just wanna get on with my day and create a revenue stream that i can use to employ people to do my job. that's where I'm at now. meetings tomorrow -- on my mind -- busy day today. it's gonna be a coffee stinker. i gonna surf again soon. and take a morning swim in the Long St baths.

I am here, now.
I am ok.
I am hungry for more.
I am sensible enough to balance my life.
I have hatred for nobody or nothing.
I am neither a champion nor a loser. I am this.
I am a hard worker.

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