The beat of my own drum.

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Well, the party I single-handedly organised last night was nothing amazing. The venue looked amazing, but the turnout was less than I had hoped for or expected, but hey! I wanted to bang that drum and by heaven, I banged it. Of course, having a DJ and a full drum kit flanking you on the stage is another way for a feller like me to get high, naturally...

Thanks once again to John Yarnold and Jon Henwood (BKS) for keeping time. John, John and Jon. Flippin' hell.

So, I'm at a bit of a crossroads now. Every organiser I've spoken to says that the job is a flippin' mission, and not worth it. But there's something magic in this air, and I think with a bit of a business plan and some dedicated friends, there's nothing stopping us from putting some of these ideas into form.

That's all that everything is about, really.

Today's bragging:
  • got a date to record some violin parts for a sound producer called Katherine on Monday at Cape Audio College. Last time I was there, I made her cry.
  • got DJ Sassquatch to agree to an interview. Siiiick...
  • got a brilliant idea for the Kidofdoom interview ahead of their Saturday album release, but sshhhhh....

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