When exactly IS the moment we've all been waiting for?

By pravda23

It is exactly six weeks until I leave my comfortable, boring web editing job, and I am throwing a party at Zula Bar in Cape Town tonight. And frankly, both thoughts terrify me.

It's not really the fear of failure. It's the fear that despite my designing websites, running solo up Long Street with posters and prestick, introducing myself to strangers, making ceaseless phonecalls and power-raping Facebook, there is no room to grow. Fresh back from a remarkable trip to Edinburgh with her two-woman comedy show, EurAfrica, Ilana Wetzler said it best: you're as big as the pond that you swim in.

Funk-Punk Ben a.k.a. Sassquatch is a PTA/JHB DJ with nice hair. He's also one of those guys who, at age twenty-lessthanme (I'll find out, you little bastard), speaks with authority on the dance music scene. He looks and acts the part of a wholly ingrained local musician who is doing what he wants to do and still keeping his head above water. One of many multitasking local gods, actually. Paul Ressell, Matthew de Nobrega, Ian Holden, Dave Chislett...

It would be naive of me to say that the good things weren't in store for me. After all, you get what you ask for. It's just that right now, as I peer from the porthole of my luxurious cruise liner, I cannot help but notice with envy that the drowning man who took the plunge looks remarkably alive.

Today's links:
  • Ben Rausch -- Wicked article on my 'hero of the day' on MIO by Craig Wilson
Today's bragging:
  • interviewing Kidofdoom on Saturday re: their self-titled album launch at Sovereign.
I'll post it on this SA music site I write for/manage -- Overtone.co.za.

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