Copy or Cop-out?

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I just bought the new Radiohead album for £1.45. I reckon that's a fair price, and that I can get the money back by flogging it off to my friends early. Strange how after enough time online, your loyalty to the Internet takes over...

But the stage has been set. I'm not sure how many people know this, (and I may be pecking up the wrong tree), but you're only getting a 160kb file when you download it "however much you choose". Knowing the rabid nature of the band's devoted fans, I'll be very surprised if the 320kb album is not re-released in a few months time -- for more than a song. It's a nice idea, but the Famous Five are already in talks with the Big Four about it.

Anyway. As long as the possibility of artists overtaking industry is being talked about, this pigeon's happy.

But, more importantly, you get international industry juggernauts like Trent Reznor and Madonna following suit:

Well, I'm not sure if anyone's gonna be trading in their Bentley for a Nissan just yet but is this goodbye, EMI?

Today's cooing:

I pulled through to Cape Audio College earlier, supposed to do this violin recording but I planned it badly and Katherine wasn't there. I did meet the Reason/Pro-Tools/Ableton instructor Steve, though. Kismet had it I was wearing my Reason t-shirt, and he suggested I post an ad if I was looking for a producer figure to back up my stageshow.

Booked three dates this summer to do the Coffee Bean gigs, thanks to Andre Steyn.

Was just browsing Myspace and came across fresh and familiar alt rockers Just Sarah's page. I was kinda auditioning to replace their guitarist for their band makeover, but it didn't work out. Got a very sweet sms from Sarah herself to say sorry and good luck. EP is available at Mabu Vinyl in town. Go well, doll.

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