iTunes drops pants in preparation

The news of the century (and possibly a happy tipping point for digital rights-managed music producers) is that iTunes has buckled under market pressure by reducing copyright-free tracks to below a dollar. Yaaay!

More important than the 30c per track that buyers will now save is letting the popularity of the music speak for itself, rather than being regurgitated and forcefed to an ignorant, hungry audience. Pigeons, I tell you.

It's about time that a price war put the strings back on the guitar of the consumer. Hey, even if we don't buy that many mp3s online down here in Cape Town, we are feeling the sting of being burdened with an industry that is disproportionately scarce in supporting upcoming creatives.

But boo-&$*#ing-hoo. Let the games begin!

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Today's cooing:

Three-hour meeting with the Key Watermelon last night regarding the future of the SA Music industry. Let's just say, as before, that wheels are turning. Also ran into Toby2Shoes at this new place in Stocks called Jamaican Me Crazy (and found out that his brother plays flute in Freshlyground). New live music venue?

Holding thumbs for a pair of passes to Balkanology -- got in touch with Ma'or and stuck up some press. Hey, this pigeon stopped paying for parties a while ago.

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