The Glory of the Dead

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Lucky Dube is now gone, and another South African entertainment icon falls, murdered, alongside Gito Baloi, Brett Goldin and Taliep Petersen. The 'South African Bob Marley' was the face of the reggae genre for over 25 years, beginning with his ironically titled first album Rastas Never Die.

I've been thinking about the glory of the dead. The Kurt Cobain Syndrome. Everyone who's dead is immediately a legend. Because they're dead.
The token arrests have been made. I am just not certain how to react to this yet. I see the sense in using this horrible, child-scarring event as a red flag for the state of South Africa, and I hope that for the sake of those genuinely concerned, action will follow.
But these things are not tragic for any reason other than that we allow them to happen through inaction. I refuse to grieve anyone but my own ignorant self.
The only way, human animals, is mob justice. Let's drop the negative stigma of the term. To you, the person who thinks with his hands (you know who you are): next time you feel led, calmly assemble an active group, try to get to those responsible before the authorities do, and whatever you do, make it public.

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