New Frontier.

Man. It's all about me today, I'm afraid. Two awesome nights, and a chance to catch up, finally!

Let's do this anti-retro-circum-chronologically. Last night: Balkanology. Wicked idea, to catch the upper niche by throwing the whackest party this side of Novi Sad. Everything was weird.

Thursday night: Coffee Bean. Got off the stage, stood in the middle of everyone and did my show there. Much better. Did a recently revamped A Man Appeared and Burn, and it was something totally different to the usual singalong copycat stuff. Fresh, even to me, and I got the idea that it was, once again, the beginning of something new. Awesome feeling actually doing what you mean to do.

So with this new passion, I tackle the small, open mike gigs. Looking forward to it.


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