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Moonrise over Cape Town.

Ran into Justin from Unit.R/Max Builders Scheme/Music Addicts Anonymous up at Deer Park Cafe the other day, after a walk with Rich (a fellow March 8ther). From under his ever-present cap -- don't worry dude, the hair thing happens to everyone (except my family) -- he briefly mentioned Max Normal's recent show up in Potchefstroom.

Bery briefly. You see, if you've witnessed the "Real Men Don't Lose Sperm" gay porn archive footage that flanks the liberated five-piece motivational hip-hop group's act, you'd understand the sheepish look that came from under the shadow of his peak. Er...his cap.

'It was baaaaaad,' he said sheepishly (sorry; but he really did say it like that).

For Justin, hiding behind the laptops must have been bearable, but for frontman Max Normal, ejaculating rhymes about back-to-front bum demons alongside fag footage to a crowd that probably subscribes to the feed on super-right-wing (actual) site That's the moment you realise he's anything but your average insecure wangster. The guy must have felt like R. Kelly at a PTA meeting.

In other news, the cursed, wretched, beautiful party I'm planning is coming along nicely. God ensured that my prayers for a mirrorball were fulfilled. Hey, gimme a break. It's Monday. I gotta believe in something to make it for another day.

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