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The National Youth Music Competition at the Artscape versus Groove, Party, Bang music at Ignite. Round One.
This theatre holds a 'no photography' policy.

It's fantastic being 25, because you're at the age where complimentary tickets to events are still a novelty; more often than not, I find myself jumping in Gerrard the Charade and racing off to whatever's on offer because, hey, IT'S FREE!

However, this can result in confusion. Last night's adventures in the Mother City saw this pigeon fly off to an evening of high society's purest form of self-indulgence -- classical music at the Artscape -- followed almost immediately by throbbing deep house music by the Best Kept Secret crew at Ignite, in Camps Bay.

Kinda like chasing a cupcake with a shot of J├Ągermeister.

Let's just say ne'er the twain shall meet, and had I not been offered a pair of stubs to both events independently, I probably wouldn't have had the chance to savour the two flavours of what I've decided must be diametric, polar, Cain-and-Abel opposites of music.

After all, on the one hand, you have low-cut tops and irritating promo people with cameras. On the other, you have pre-pubescent fawns with double-barrel surnames, flutes and formal evening wear.

Man, I'd love to see em try handle their booze. Try play The Dance of the Swan then, you li'l bastards.

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