Racking up points

By pravda23

Come on Mr Jordan: You know you want to...

The SA Music Quota Coalition, like so many of these fragmented local organisations, have their hearts in the right place. The concept? Get more SA music on the radio. The trumpcards? Johnny Clegg, Jo Day, Robin Auld. The strategy? Get noticed through a lengthy letter to the minister of Arts & Culture (Pallo Jordan) and get people to sign up on their site.

Criticism? Boring site, and only 2527 members since May 2003. Check it out and you decide what to make of it.

I see potential. Bit by bit, the fragmented music society is shifting into gear, and artists and management are talking to each other. I mean, that's the natural progression, but how do we get them to all really start talking?

Free live performances, for one thing. How do we do that? How do we get Overtone to offer people free shows by reputed artists? Hey, if they're gonna sell their music for free on LoadTheShow, why not?

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