Strategise. Slowly. Carefully.

By pravda23
I'm afraid I don't have time to update any typical industry news today, because I've got my hands full with the new darling children of post-RWC 2007 South Africa.

One has to walk a fine balance between treading lightly and bashing down doors to get five minutes with Freshlyground in this town. Admittedly, they're South Africa's biggest band, but I'm just not satisfied with anything less, I'm afraid.

In the meantime, Overtone is cooking. I'm basically doing absolutely everything I can to get editorial content on that site. I keep reminding myself that we're getting there, that it takes time, that it's all process. I am shaking the feeling that this is all a waste of time, because I know that it's filling a need which nobody else seems to be filling. I sound like I'm begging my friends, but I realise how fucking rad this is gonna be when it pans out. And then, it will pave the way for me as an artist.

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