A shade short of shy

By pravda23

Spoke to Francois van Coke ahead of their CD launch tonight. Unnerving. How do I still manage to see these guys as supermen, and not as fellows? Manifest, Prav.

Anyhow, other than that, I've been absolutely cooking Overtone lately, thanks to a healthy amount of support from people like Shaz, Pierre and my family. I see this time for what it is: an orgyistic indulgence in my creative side. I manage to write something different on every event I go to, as well as create the crudely edited videos (please, God: a line feed and Final Cut!) and the usual shebang of photos and hard work. Even wrote a follow-on piece of music for the Afrika Burns vid, which subsequently got pulled by Viacom International. Still wanna find out why.

Emailing everyone and anyone, and also intending well for this industry. Everyone gets so fired up over free mini-samoosas, but the hard work often falls by the wayside of the well-meaning ideal. I must keep my feet on the ground, and not forget that this is 10% inspiration, 90% perspiration.

I must also get my music time back. 4-7, John. You're gonna go crazy. It happens every time. Take it. Demand it. Allow it.

Moving into offices tomorrow! Got pravda23.com registered. Getting published in blunt. Making progress on guitar (through learning to enjoy it). Got a sheet music book when I left Teamtalk, learning to write again.

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