1:54am. Past my bedtime

By pravda23

But there's always time for one more blog, huh comrades.

anyway, just cracked the basic arrangement and some rudimentary mixing for Sleeping Baby 2, the second of three tracks I'm doing with Kez, and also a great opportunity to earn some cash. Check out the status of this one here:

Sleeping Baby 2 :: 12 May 2008

The evening comes upon me far more gracefully than last night's nightmare. I slept well, but only after two hours of talking to myself. Sleep always takes a while.

The Mauritian thinks I think too much. I know it, but hearing it from others is always a kick in the jeanpant. What was that thing Christine said earlier? Oh yeah, "was it sex or just broeknaai?" lol

Shit, that's one for the books. Later skater.

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